des Oliviers

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from Chetoui olives grown in south central Tunisia. The flavor is mild and fruity with an elegant, fresh aroma and peppery finish.

This is the perfect oil for everyday cooking: it pairs well with vegetables, poultry, and seafood and is great for drizzling over salads.

Imported from Tunisia

Based in Norman, Oklahoma, our company imports high-quality extra virgin olive oil directly from farmers and producers we know and trust in Tunisia. Our olives are harvested at precisely the right moment and pressed immediately to preserve freshness, flavor, and to maximize the health benefits of the olive oil.

From our table to yours...

We are a small, family-owned business based in Norman, Oklahoma. We import high quality extra virgin olive oil from producers in Tunisia whom we know and trust. Our goal is to introduce the benefits of extra virgin olive oil to health conscious consumers in the Midwest, and to provide our high quality oil at an affordable price. We also seek to educate consumers about the importance of selecting genuine, quality extra virgin olive oil rather than cheap, plastic-bottle alternatives, in order to maximize the available health benefits. Our product is available in small, speciality stores in Oklahoma and Colorado, and can also be ordered wholesale. Please contact us for more details about pricing and shipping.


Through our import business we are investing in Tunisia at a crucial moment in the country’s history. Tunisia has been the center of international attention in recent years because it has been the single success story of the Arab Spring, and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2015 for its efforts to build a coalition government rooted in democratic principles. In recent years, its economy has suffered enormously due to attacks on the country’s largest industry,tourism. Through purchasing our olive oil, you are supporting a fledging democracy in a region desperate for peace and security. In addition, we dedicate a portion of our profits to local charities working to eradicate extreme poverty in Tunisia’s rural areas.